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If You Want To Drive Better Qualified Website Traffic That Converts At A Higher Rate & Generates Consistent Revenue For Your Company
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eMarketing Power's Formula for Success Can Dramatically Change The Revenue Generation Capabilities of Your Web Site eMarketing Power Can Provide You With A Comprehensive Approach To Your Internet Marketing Program By:

Here are 6 Key factors you need to create a successful Online Business:

  1. Identifying Your Best Target Market
  2. Generating Quality Traffic
  3. Converting Suspects Into Prospects
  4. Creating A Relationship With Your Prospects
  5. Converting Prospects Into Sales
  6. Creating Repeat Customers & High Life Time Value

So many companies spend thousands of dollars promoting their web site to generate traffic, but are getting terrible results. And as Pay Per Click and other Internet advertising continues to increase in price and competition the ROI continues to decrease. Smart companies are beginning to realize that more focus should be allocated to converting these expensive visitors into leads or sales. But it doesn't stop there!

  • Identify the right leads.
  • Qualifying the best marketing vehicles and methods to generate quality traffic.
  • Creating a powerful landing page with the right message and incentives to generate interest and turn a visitor or suspect into a viable prospect.
  • Develop the relationship building follow up communication needed to build trust in you and your business, so that the customer looks forward to purchasing your products or services.
  • Build Strong Product Sales Pages that are optimized to Close the Deal!
  • Develop a long term relationship management program that results in up sells, cross-sells and reorders to increase the long term value for the customer.

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Internet Marketing is no longer easy.  Competition is fierce, pay per click is expensive and there are so many different ways to market your web site that it is often difficult to choose the right path.

That is where eMarketing Power can help. We have experience delivering services in all aspects of Internet Marketing.

  • Traffic Generation - Pay Per Click, SEO, Banner Ads, Video Ads, Local Advertising, Ezine Articles, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Joint Ventures, Podcasts
  • Lead Capture And Sales - Landing Page Optimization, Sales Page Development, eCommerce & Shopping Carts, Content Management Systems
  • Relationship Building - eMail Campaigns, Auto Responder Campaigns, Social Media, Blog Development and Posts

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  • Leverage your website to identify and capture targeted leads
  • Generate more leads from your online marketing spend
  • Analyze your online marketing programs and website traffic to improve your effectiveness
  • Automate marketing and lead nurturing to turn leads into sales
  • Shorten sales cycle, improve marketing ROI, and drive revenue